I eventually want to write a small 2D game, something easy to get into and fun to play, with some strategy and RPG elements. But that’s not the goal right now. For the moment the point is to have fun programming, and in the process to find a good working environment.

To this end, I’ve looked into various systems:

  • XNA, which uses C#, a nice language, and allows code to run on the XBox and windows phones. But it’s not portable to any other system, and carries a lot of baggage which I might end up fighting.
  • iPhone, but that requires a Mac and learning Objective C – expensive and not fun. I do like the iPhone as a system though.
  • Python – quick for development but code runs slowly. I shouldn’t even have to think about CPU cycles on this project but in Python I might.
  • Curses, as used in Roguelikes. From a coder’s point of view, I like the purity of having no graphics. But I think even programmer graphics improveĀ visual recognition and therefore gameplay.

So I decided in the end on straight C++ and SDL. And spent two days getting the basics up and running. This is what I hate about C++. (Well, among other things). But it’s done and I can start having fun now.

This is why we need artists.