As soon as the enemies could shoot back, the game became unplayable.

Even though they didn’t move, they were much faster at shooting, and since one hit was death, no sooner would you see an enemy than the squad would be wiped out.

I felt that I needed to make the game playable before continuing, otherwise there would not be much point. There were two rules though:

  • I can’t make the AI worse. It already does nothing but turn and shoot.
  • I can’t make the enemy characters weaker relative to the player.

Two advantages that the player should have had already were superior numbers and the element of surprise. The enemy are scattered around the map while the squad are all together. The player can always expect to meet something around the next corner but the AI has no idea where a threat will come from. If I could make these work it should be possible to win.

The first problem was that on turning a corner, the characters would be exposed side-on and were unable to fire until they had rotated. I fixed this by adding automatic turning to face the mouse cursor. Now you could strafe round corners and get shots off much quicker.

The second problem was the one-shot kills. Focused fire should finish off an enemy before it has a chance to do much damage. Reducing damage to 20% per shot gives a 4x advantage to the player (if all the squad is alive).

Now I can roam the map and pick them off. So much for the prototype. I may have to start making a game now.